Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

Who We Are

BISHOP E. DENNIS EJILA`S PEACE, RECONCILIATION AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION FOUNDATION (PERECORF) The Gambia was founded on 10/2/2014 as a Non-Governmental Organization [NGO]. Under the distinguished Chairmanship of His Lordship. The Right Reverend Dr. E. Dennis Ejila PhD. The Presiding Bishop of King Jesus Ministries, Lamin Village

Background Evidence

PERECORF The Gambia was founded on 10/2/2014 as a Non-Governmental Organization [NGO]. Thus, its principal activities include Peace and Conflict Resolution, Education, Community – Developmental Projects, and Governance and Democracy. More importantly, it had developed as an idealistic- Peace Research Institute; centered at educating the general public on peaceful co-existence among people of diverse faith, tribes, and nationalities.

PERECORF had initiated a family crisis –resolution program focusing on resolving internal family related –conflicts through counseling operations. The program was designed in such a way to support Day-Day family-life; so as to provide families with unity guidelines needed to protect their family-cycle.

The organization of PERECORF, has as at now close to 100 registered members participating in her Peace Building capacity program aimed at orientating them on peace management techniques and conflict resolution. The Organization, takes pride in delivering humanitarian services to the general public for “FREE OF CHARGE” None of its program[s] are to be paid for by its participates. In association with this concept, PERECORF would intervene in matters of which it is requested to process; therefore, the Organization is subjected to act based on voluntary demonstration by parties in conflict. Any unrelated family-issue with legal requirements will be referred to court.

Vision and mission statement

The Vision of PERECORF is expressed as: Peace Builder. [PB] More also, the Mission statement is expressed as: ‘‘Promoting Reconciliation among Peoples, Groups, and Nationalities; Conflict Resolution, and Peace Restoration’’.

PERECORF principally illustrates her capacity through its outlined Vision and Mission statements as a demand in working with enthusiasms and pride in establishing stated objectives for her Organization.

The organization of PERECORF shall undertake its mission objectives in the following perspectives to:

Resolve conflicts as requested by conflicting parties. Mediate in any existing situation without discrimination[s] to Nationality, Creed, Color, and/or Religious affiliation. Reunite conflicting parties into a peaceful co-existence through the process of counseling, appeals, and special prayers etc.