We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

our general goals

General Goals, Growth- Aims, and Explicit Objectives PERECORF as an NGO places preeminent attention in developing a peaceful climate for all. The Organization’s general goals are:

Establishment of enabling working stations that have outstanding capabilities and could be sustainable enough to transform the general publics into becoming resourceful in peace management and conflict resolution, and within which they will have participated as key actors in national development.

These general goals, however, play a central role of ensuring an overall efficiency and effectiveness of program[s] implementation and management of PERECORF’s operations. Primarily, these are spelled out in three multidimensional forms:

To ensure that clubs are established within the purviews of its functional communities and/or beyond, as well as keen-sighting the sustainability of existing clubs through having strong clusters steering committees, and members with broad knowledge in PEACEMANAGEMENT, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, and/or harmless environment to support peace generating activities.

To train members on leadership and conflict resolution skills by strengthening the capacity of all members in carrying out peaceful mandates on their daily activities, so as to enable them live as ambassadors of peace.

More essentially, to empower Staff and National Board Members with adequate pre-requisite organizational skills and resourceful techniques relatively to sustain youths.  

To promote PERECORF’s scholarship program[s] to the needy students and especially to less privilege ones.

The Growth – Aims are principally to:


Progress in the numbers of workshops, and public lecturing on conflict resolution and peace management.


Subsidize to economic and social transformation of PERECORF’s organizational bonds through expanding policies. i.e. [PERECORF complex –building, one national,65 clusters,250 clubs, across the country, and over 16 field staff by the end of year 2020.


Develop academic principles for researching peace and conflict resolution as an institutional –framework.


Validating a few fundament agendas hand-picked by PERECORF in her cross-functional explicit objectives, are specifically to:


Create awareness about peaceful harmony among peoples by training teachers who will orient groups, adults, and schools children of conflict scopes.


Enhance the PERECORF’s organizational capabilities through the procurement of necessary skills, resources, and acquaintance of members to accomplish projects fulfillment.


Impart skills and ground knowledge on PEACE management through seminars and workshops at all levels [national, clubs, and clusters]. To ensure overall program[s] accomplishments.


Projected Outputs

In number of ways the projected outputs are expected to be actualized when properly executed:


A well-established institutional framework specifically for an academic peace and conflict research studies.


A well-established clubs within the functional communities and/or beyond the regions of The Gambia with at least 250 clubs and 25 clusters committees within the organization’s domain by 2020.


A well- demonstrated capability of PERECORF’s organizational functioning strengths in terms of measuring performance and implementation of formulated strategies.


Significantly, PERECORF has well- formulated strategic-plans that certificate her Organization’s life insurance through the development of frameworks on: 2017-18 Peace and Conflict Orientation Workshop across the globe.


2017-18 Recognition/Honor award for all deserving groups, members, and/or individuals whose efforts had registered great impart towards the sustainable development of PERECORF.

2017-18 Evaluation and success analysis; the PERECORF within this period will access her growth and accomplished projects.  

Significantly, PERECORF has well- formulated strategic-plans that certificate her Organization’s life insurance through the development of frameworks on: 2017-18 Peace and Conflict Orientation Workshop across the globe.


More essentially, PERECORF takes part in the following perspectives: Spread PERECORF’s funding resources into diverse projects that have the abilities to transform peoples’ lives within communities’ level.

Engagement of PERECORF into developmental projects, such as mechanized farming, small scale empowerment program[s], community health facility construction, and sustainable water supply schemes from 2018-2020

Collaboration of PERECORF with disaster management organizations in The Gambia from 2019-2020. Establishment of a well-built two–floors Office Complex for PERECORF by 2020, at a strategic location in West-Coast of The Gambia, with a 20-30 functioning office staffs.


Increased in volume of PERECORF’s membership, i.e. from 20 to 2000 young Gambians by 2020.

 Strategic Analysis/Structure of PERECORF The organization of PERECORF was established specifically for peace and conflict resolution research center. Nonetheless, its fundamental capabilities towards humanity; led to her expansion into other humanitarian sectors such as [offering scholarships to needy and less privileged students and undertaking developmental projects].

Thus, PERECORF sees its activities as one important step in helping human kinds.

Structure of PERECORF The Organization’s Head Office is situated in Family Planning Road, Behind Gambia Red Cross, Kanifing, KMC, P.M.B, 667, Serrekunda, The Gambia. The Organization has a registration NO. 2014/C1551, and Account No: 101-1770060585, Skye Bank Gambia Ltd.